Price : ₹ 2500

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The Bluefilters Hairdresser Professional is a simple but smart water filter for beauty and hair salons. The Hairdresser water filter effectively removes mechanical impurities, as well as chlorine and chloroform, bacteria, and other organic compounds.  It also prevents limescale deposition on the shampoo bowl, showerhead, and pipes, which significantly extends the service life and aesthetics of the equipment.

The Hairdresser Professional filter purifies water and makes it soft to the touch. It contributes to the protection of skin prone to allergic reactions. It also helps to get rid of the static hair effect.

The results of using the Hairdresser's water filter are noticeable from the first day, as by removing harmful impurities from water, the natural bacterial flora of the scalp is preserved and both moisture and shine of the hair are restored. It also removes chlorine from water, which makes dyed hair dry and faded. The shower water filter keeps the desired hair color for longer, maintaining its hue and intensity. Additionally, the filter significantly reduces the greenish hue in dyed hair.


  • natural moisturizing, the visible shine of healthy hair,

  • long-lasting hair color,

  • long-lasting color of dyed hair,

  • protects the skin prone to allergic reactions,

  • helps to avoid scalp dryness, eliminates dandruff and hair loss,

  • improves efficiency and effectiveness of cosmetics.

Technical Parameters
Dimensions 54 x 140 mm
Operating Temperature 2-38 °C
Operating Pressure 2-4 BAR
Maximum TDS 1500
Feed water pH limits 4-10
Capacity 5000 LITTER