We aim to give more than just quality water

Everyone is recognizing that healthy water is now becoming the norm and we want to assist your family and friends by providing healthbenefits of Ionized water.

About Vaariya

Vaariya Beverages, a company of water solutions established in 2018 is an Indian company based in Ahmadabad and having coverage all across India. We give the best Alkaline Ionized filtered water at a reasonable price. We are proud to introduce our exciting new high-quality 100% natural Alkaline Ionized water. Water is not a source of life, it is life. Therefore, here we are providing the healthiest and impeccable quality of water for a healthy self. Our natural Alkaline Ionized water will emerge as a market leader in the growing class of premium waters, based on its inherent characteristics.

Our Vision

We will solve the future water & air problem and meet the expectations of the customers and give them the cheapest and purest option of water & air

Our Mission

It is our dream that we connect millions of people in such a way that they consider nature's most invaluable treasure of water as their everything and give complete information to the people about it so that people are free from disease

Our Values

We will always try that we never break anyone's trust, and this is our promise!

Choose your Carrer With Us


Are you interested in any of our job ads? Send us your CV. Do not forget about the clause regarding the consent to the processing of personal data. We will not be able to contact you without your consent


If you meet the requirements specified in the offer, we will send you a questionnaire via email to find out more about you. This allows us to shorten the recruitment process and respect the time of the candidates.


In the next stage, we will invite you to a familiar conversation in the company's headquarters. Together we will establish a convenient date for the meeting.


During the meeting you will learn how you can develop in AMII. We will present you our expectations and the scope of tasks. You will meet the manager of the department who interests you. We can ask you to do a test or sample task. Sometimes one meeting is not enough and we arrange another one.


If the recruitment process has been successful, we start cooperation. We value long-term relationships based on trust, which is why we will jointly determine the terms of employment. If this time we fail to start cooperation, follow our current job offers.

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