What is electrolyzed water ?

Electrolyzed water is the water generated by electrolyzing water. As you know, hydrogen and oxygen are produced by pitting electricity through water. At the time of electrolysis of water, at the cathode, reduction reaction proceeds and hydrogen is generated and alkaline ionized water is generated.Meanwhile, at the anode side, oxygen is generated and acidic ionized water is generated. In other words, these alkaline ionized water and acidic ionized water which are generated by the electrolysis of water are electrolyzed water.

What is alkaline ionized water ?

Alkaline ionized water is the water which is generated by electrolysis of water and contains ionized minerals of such as calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

We often hear that "alkaline ionized water is good for our health." How does it affect us practically ?

Alkaline ionized water is good for our health. Specifically, it has been recognized to be effective for improvement on gastrointestinal symptoms such as a positive effect on bowel movement and relief of gastrointestinal discomfort. Continuous drinking of it will improve your gastrointestinal condition.

What is acidic ionized water ?

Acidic ionized water is the water which is generated by the electrolysis of water and contains ionized materials such as chloride, carbonic acid and sulfuric acid.

What kind of effect does acidic ionized water have ?

Since it has contraction effect, it has the effect of purification of the body and beauty when it is used for washing your face and bathing as astringent lotion.

What is strong electrolytic water ?

By adding sodium chloride (kitchen salt) as an electrolysis accelerator, strongly acidic water (strongly acidic electrolysis water) at the anode side and strongly alkaline water (strong alkali electrolytic water) at the cathode side are generated, respectively. This generated water is called strong electrolysis water.

What kind of effect does strong alkali electrolytic water have ?

Strong alkali electrolytic water contains a very small amount of sodium hydroxide. Because of that, it has high cleaning ability to emulsify protein and oil such as blood which is not easily be removed with water.

What kind of effect does strong acidic electrolytic water have ?

Since strong acidic electrolytic contains activated hypochlorite (HCIO), it has excellent degerming cleaning power. By chemical tests conducted by Kyoto BiseibutuKenkyusho (Biken) (Kyoto Institute of Microbiology), strong acidic electrolytic water has been proven to instantaneously sanitize bacteria such as Vibrio parahaemolyticus, Bacillus cereus, enteric bacteria (e.g. O-157), Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella which may cause food poisoning; yeast such as Candida, Trichophyton (water boatman) which may cause vaginitis, and furthermore MRSA which may cause pneumonia, septicemia, enteritis and meningitis through nosocomial infection.

Many apparatus for electrolysis of water or alkaline water generator are often seen at department stores or home electric appliance shops. What is the difference between your products and them?

Although we cannot disclose the details since some of them are our trade secrets, there is no significant difference at their basic structure. However, we can point out the following three as significant differences in performance and functionality. First, our products have LED panels with three-primary color luminescence, which no other manufacturers in the industry have. With color coding of blue for the time of generating alkaline ionized water, orange for the time of generating acidic ionized water, and red or for the time of error, the status of the water being generated can be instantaneously confirmed. Also, it has other high levels of visibility. It gives real-time display of values of pH, ORP and flow rate of the generated water, and also the amount used of water purifying filter cartridge is displayed graphically in our unit so that preparation of its replacement is possible. Secondly, its water-purification system far exceeds the ability of commercially available water purifiers. Residual chlorine, trihalomethane, soluble lead, simazine and other impurities in tap water are removed and rich minerals are eluted between C12 and C13; therefore, high-precision with four kinds of natural ores, activated carbon and mechanical filter. Third point is its generation capacity of strong electrolytic water. With one addition of sodium chloride (kitchen salt) as an electrolysis accelerator, up to 10 L of strongly acidic water and strongly alkaline water can be generated. Although it is household equipment with a compact design, it has a generation capacity comparable to conventional professional-use products.