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The blue filters Bioceramic is a structurization module that gives water molecules the right shape, which has a beneficial effect on the absorption of water by the human body. Also, due to the structuring of the water molecule, they are able to better and more efficiently come into contact with the cells of the human body and carry more minerals, vitamins, and trace elements.


  •  Improve the taste and smell of water.

  •  Activate metabolism in humans, animals, and plants.

  •  Increase the solubility of oxygen.

  •  Destroy anions, activating natural healing properties, and improve immunity.

Technical Parameters
Operating Temperature 2-38'C
Maximum Flow 3.8 L/PER MIN
Diameter 50MM
Connection In/Out 1/4
Cartridge Life 7500 L or 6 months
Maximum Operating Pressure 6 Bar(100Psi)