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Blue filters carbon cartridges are made of high-quality deposits in granular or block form. The best quality is confirmed by low dustiness and a large active surface. Due to such properties, they prove a unique ability to absorb chlorine and its toxic derivatives, heavy metals, and organic pollutants. Additionally, NEWLINE cartridges containing carbon block can work as pre-filters. Combined cartridges with activated carbon. The construction of the Platinum Wasser NEWLINE cartridges is based on a patented technology that ensures the highest quality of water filtration. It can remove aesthetic contaminants like chlorine from water, improving its taste and odor.


  • Improves water taste and smell.

  • Removes organic impurities ( microorganism, bacteria, funghi),

  • Chlorine, lead, and toxic heavy metals, pesticides, detergents, and phenoles.

Technical Parameters
Operating Temperature 2-38 'C
Maximum Flow 3,8 L/Per min
Diameter 67,5 mm
Connection In/Out 1/4 inch
Cartridge Life 11000/6 L/months
Flushing Procedure 5 minutes
Maximum Operating Pressure 10,5 Bar