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The cartridge contains polypropylene yarn Sediment filters that remove visible particulate matter, and any particles of dirt, sand, dust, and debris that can be caught by its micron-rated capacity. Sediment filters also remove turbidity from water. Turbidity is the cloudiness caused in water by the heavy presence of suspended solids.





  • Removes sand, rust, river mud, fluvial silt, pollen, carbon dust, and other precipitates.
  • Water is free of mechanical impurities. Cartridge protects the next stages of filtration

Technical Parameters
Operating Temperature 2 -38' C
Maximum Flow 3.8 L/PER MIN
Diameter 50MM
Connection In/Out 1/4 INCH
Cartridge Life 7500 L/6 MONTH
Flushing Procedure 5 MINUTES
Maximum Operating Pressure 6 BAR